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Who We Are

Oran Muduroglu

Chief Executive Officer

Healthcare pioneer, building companies dedicated to improving healthcare access.


Like many things, life is a journey.  I founded a company focused on connecting clinicians with the healthcare information they need, at the right time, in the right context.  That journey helped me to realize that while we were reducing the complexity of healthcare, we could have an even greater impact by helping to connect people with the most appropriate healthcare services based on the most up to date research. I then collaborated with the Harvard Medical School Library of Evidence, to develop a platform to help ensure physicians’ had the latest insights on best practices to support patient care. 

In order to help individuals and families receive the best possible support and care, the next threshold is to help physicians and their health systems understand the whole person. We started Helus to ensure that patients could benefit from the data that is most important to getting access to the right care and being engaged in the way they desire.  By providing individuals with complete transparency and control over what their data is used for and how it is shared, we can honor their trust and ensure their data is always used for their benefit. 

Helus pledges to exceed the highest standards of privacy and security and only use shared information for the benefit of the patient, never aggregated, distribute or deployed in any way that is against your wishes or could limit access to care.

Dan Nash

Chief Operating Officer

Healthcare advocate, using technology to deliver better care for patients.


I’ve always been passionate about using healthcare technology to improve patient care.  Early in my career, I worked with Epic Systems to help some of the largest healthcare providers in the country shift to digital health records (EMRs).  Although incredibly powerful tools, I always felt that EMRs provided an incomplete view of a patient’s health and wellbeing, typically limited to interactions with healthcare providers.

Wanting to build a more comprehensive view of an individual’s health, I worked with McKinsey & Company and Verily (Google Life Sciences) developing strategic programs focused on exploration of new data sets to improve care.  I became interested in how little information providers have to work with when trying to determine the care and support people need. Much of the data in an individual’s daily life, the data that tells us the most about who a person is and what they care about, is not associated with their health and completely unseen by the healthcare system.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to make this information accessible as patients have no ability to manage or control who their data is shared with or how it is used.  

This is why we founded Helus.  To put patients in control of their data so that it can be used to support them through their health journey.

Gary Pacheco

Vice President of Engineering

Healthcare innovator, inspiring new solutions that anticipate the needs of patients.


Early in my career, I worked at Medicalis, spending much of my time developing one of the most advanced and reliable healthcare platforms available at the time, to help coordinate the interactions of care team members. Although invisible to most people, it is very gratifying and humbling knowing that the system we built, is the data behind the scenes that empowers care providers.

Leading software engineering for Medicalis, my focus shifted from connecting healthcare stakeholders to improving the tools clinicians use in support of helping patients access care such as scheduling appointments or referring patients to specialists.  I spent a lot of time observing with our customers in their daily routines to better understand their needs and how technology could help them in their jobs. I was able to observe first hand how a well orchestrated technology solution can significantly improve the experience of patients and families. 

Most recently, I joined Siemens, where I managed a world class team of innovators focused on how to use healthcare data to anticipate behaviors and predict events that will occur.  The team was particularly focused on using the most up to date regulatory regulations across the globe (such as General Data Protection Regulation in Europe) to ensure the protection of patient data rights.  This experience helped me understand how data can be used to provide a higher quality experience for patients, as well as the need to balance those benefits with respect for the privacy of patients and their empowerment to have first hand control over their data.

Empowering patients and their families with control over their data so that it can be used to help them live the fullest life possible is what drives Helus.